Kitchen Sense

We present our new kitchen Sense TM "Sense by Garant" from the Garant furniture factory - the ideal choice for modern and practical owners!

Functional and innovative

Thanks to the pull-out table, built-in sink, hooks and drainer, it will become the central element of your kitchen interior and make everyday life easier.

Compact kitchen
Full kitchen, width 1.6
Mobile table
Retractable table, which, if necessary, turns into a regular curbstone
Universal accessories
A place for a microwave that easily turns into a niche for an oven.
Portable lighting
Mobile lighting that is easily mounted on hinges and runs on batteries
Functional equipment
It is equipped with a tray for cutlery, a drying rack for dishes and a rail with hooks for kitchen utensils.
Flexibility in use
Designed for a built-in sink and a built-in/mobile hob (if necessary)

Trendy colors decisions

Satin + Artisan oak
Nimfeja alba + Artisan oak
Anthracite + Artisan oak
Chinchilla grey + Artisan oak



Sense in details

  • Table height750мм
  • Table length1040мм
  • Table width530мм

Extendable table

Make the most of your kitchen space.
The table has a standard height and a comfortable length for sitting at it

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Storage Cabinet with mobile shelf

The shelf is mobile and has 3 installation levels.
This option has space for placing a microwave and other kitchen appliances or for various trinkets and decorative elements.

If you need to install an oven, just remove the shelf and voila)
Now you have a stylish pencil case with a built-in oven at a very comfortable height.

A nice bonus will again be the retractable table, which serves as a place for preparing your delicacies.

Wall cabinet

It has a mechanical backlight that turns on when the door is opened. It does not require direct power, but runs on batteries
The lighting elements themselves are mounted on the curtains, which makes them easy to move, change batteries, etc.
The set includes a drying rack for storing your dishes.

Shelf with railing and hooks

Stylish shelf for decoration, storage of spices, cups and other beautiful things.
Add convenience to your kitchen decor with trinket hooks.

Lower cabinet with mobile shelf

If necessary, the module design allows you to install or embed both a sink and a hob.
The box is equipped with a tray for cutlery.
The mobile shelf is universal. Therefore, you can place it in both the left and right sections, depending on your needs and at a level convenient for you.

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