Warranty item

Rules of installation and operation of furniture of the Garant factory

When receiving the furniture, the Buyer must check the received products for compliance with the order, the integrity of the product packaging and details in the packaging. In case of packaging violation, check the quantity and completeness of the attachment.

Before the buyer assembles the furniture, it is necessary to check the details for defects (chips, scratches, color matching of all product elements). If a defect is detected, notify the supplier to file a complaint.

Keep the labeling label from the product packaging until assembly is complete. During the warranty period, keep the sales receipt (invoice), as they are a warranty card. Refusal to replace defective parts occurs if the part has mechanical damage caused by the fault of the Customer, or damage due to improper installation.

If the rules of installation and use are observed, the warranty period is 18 months from the date of manufacture for the products, the warranty obligations of the hardware manufacturers are 6 months.

If a manufacturing defect is detected during inspection or assembly of the product, the part will be replaced free of charge.

Before assembling the furniture, be sure to read the assembly instructions.